Superhero Day – Cash for Kids


Superhero Day - Cash for Kids

Join us at Worcester Tile this Friday

Worcester Tile are joining thousands of people across the West Midlands in support of Free Radios, Cash for Kids, a brand new charity set up to directly help children and families across the West Midlands.

And it didn’t take long for us to say ‘YES’….. after numerous charitable days and donations last year, when this one was presented to us, we just couldn’t say no. After all, we don’t often get the chance to dress up as our own/favourite Super Hero for the day!

To launch the new charity, Free Radio have set Friday 5th May as Super Hero Day, open to businesses, schools, universities and all places of work. And the focus is to raise as much money as possible to help local children. All money raised stays locally and Worcester Tile has a history of supporting local charities as well as national ones such as Macmillan.


I asked round the office for a few SUPERHERO favs and found a few interesting results…Can you guess the names from the image below?? Tell us on Facebook and share your pictures on our page So join us on the 5th May at Worcester Tile to find out how we have decided to take part in Cash for Kids, drop by and support our team however you can.


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