Underfloor Heating – Do it yourself?


Underfloor Heating - Do it yourself?

Kind to your home and your health – but why should it be professionally fitted?

Look no further than underfloor heating if you are looking for a cosy, energy-efficient heating alternative. Many homeowners are now transitioning to radiant heat, it provides pleasant warmth to your body and feet as it warms the surface of the floor.

These systems are suitable for most floor surfaces such as living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. As the air circulation is very gentle, there is a reduction in the dust particles that get circulated; making underfloor heating systems a great relief for people with allergies.

All things evolve - Underfloor Heating is one of them, and although it is now designed for an even easier and faster fit, it is still always recommended to contract a professional fitter when installing electric or piped underfloor heating systems.

Why should you hire an expert for underfloor heating installation?

Although a full set of instructions will come with your underfloor heating pack, it is not always as simple as following them for a perfect finish. An understanding of the room, its layout, its current flooring and heating is an essential part of maximising the electric or piped system.

The underfloor heating systems are suitable for most floor surfaces such as; living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and entertainment areas. As the air circulation is very gentle, there is a marked reduction in the amount of dust particles that get circulated; making underfloor heating systems a great relief for people with allergies.


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A professional will understand your specific requirements and then provide you with the kind of solutions you need. An expert will also ensure the system is installed correctly and safely, maximising the lifetime of the heating and diminishing the need for maintenance or repairs.

4 Key points to know before you install underfloor heating

Preparation of the floor

A thorough preparation is required before installation for ensuring maximum efficiency of the heating system. Choosing the most suitable system as well as the accessories used for fitting may depend on the floor type. Preparation of the floor can be a complex process (especially if you have an anhydrite screed). If the floor is not properly prepared for installation, the system may have problems once fitted. An expert will make sure the floor is prepared properly to avoid problems.

Placement of the pipes, mats or wires

To accomplish maximum heat output and efficiency, pipes, mats or wired systems must be spaced and placed at the correct points throughout your rooms/s. A professional with experience will make sure these measurements are correct and will guarantee the work completed, this will give complete peace of mind. However failure to do this correctly will leave your home with hot and cold spots, this would make the system less efficient and could increase faults in the future to the system and flooring laid on top.

Use of correct tools

Underfloor heating installation requires the use of correct tools. Pipe decoilers and tacker guns are just two specialist tools for installation. Your professional will carry out tests on the new system to make sure everything works as expected. On the other hand, if you attempt the installation yourself, you will have to invest in a reasonable number of specialist tools to complete the job. This will work out to be more expensive than hiring a professional to do the installation job.

Right time to install

Professionals know exactly what to do during an installation and how to do it. They know what needs to be done to get maximum output and efficiency. Due to their expertise, they will take less time than a DIY person to do the installation.

The team at Worcester Tile are specialists in electric underfloor heating and work with top brands; Warmup & Sunstone. We are always on hand to provide technical advice when choosing the correct system. Call today or visit us in-store for a professional consultation.

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