Wood Effect Tiles


Wood Effect Tiles

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Just a few years ago natural products such as; hard wood, marble, granite and limestone were the most fashionable choice of floor and wall coverings due to their geological beauty, but now the time porcelain industry has hit back, and they are doing it in style!

Wood effect porcelain tiles are fast becoming the most popular choice in interior design for both domestic and commercial use. It is popping up on the most trendy interior design websites & television programmes.

After much research and using the latest technologies, these imitation tiles are so good, even natural stone experts have trouble telling them apart from the real thing.

So why switch from natural products to porcelain?

There are many reasons why we love porcelain wood effect tiles when compared to natural products;

Cost – On average around 50% can be saved by switching from natural wood to porcelain tiles. Cost is always a very important point when choosing something which will be a permanent fixture of your home, but the quality must remain the same.

Durability – Porcelain wood effect tiles are very durable, they can be used in the highest traffic areas of your home and due to the manufacturing they will always look great.


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Versatility – Wood effect tiles can be used across many areas of a home or commercial business. They are fantastic on floors and walls and make a feature of any area.

Easy to maintain – tiles are of course very easy to look after, they don’t need special cleaners or cleaning equipment, simply mop and go. No Need To Seal as with most natural products so are very good for families with small children and pet owners.

Choice – The range of colours and sizes of wood effect tiles is already vast with more and more manufacturers producing new versions all the time.

Underfloor heating compatibility – last but not least, wood effect tiles are compatible with underfloor heating systems. The thickness of the tiles and materials they are made from make them hard-wearing and able to withstand the heat from your system. Most natural stone products are either too thick to allow heat through and wood products cannot withstand the temperatures. Always check with your supplier before buying.

A selection of some of our stocked wood effect tiles are shown in this article. For the full range, visit our showroom today.

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